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    Looking for component ecss files

    Nejc G Newbie

      So, we noticed that 3 ecss files that are present in RF-4.2.3 sources aren't all of the CSS that is used. I am talking about skinning.ecss, skinning_both.ecss and skinning_classes.ecss. Styles starting with rf-* where * is a short for component are in specific component.eccs styles. But there aren't any other ecss files in the source archive. So I am guessing those are generated. Can I please know where exactly? Stuff is quite unskinnable while some rougue process injects its own css.


      Also from the documentation:


      Component stylesheets
       Mappings and other style attributes listed in a component's ECSS file can be edited. Edit the ECSS file to change the styles of all components of that type.


      Component's ECSS file is mentioned but there aren't any.


      Also if we just take those generated eccs files and put em into the resource folder... what will get loaded?