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    hornetq REST using CORE Api without JMS

    prem j Newbie

      I have setup horentq with rest based on hornetq rest manual (http://docs.jboss.org/hornetq/2.3.0.beta1/docs/rest-manual/html_single/index.html).

      Now I can create queues,send message and consume messages using jms queues/topics. But when i try to consume a message for a queue created using horenq core API via RESt pull-consumers i get 503 http response.I had created a static queue by adding the following xml to horentq-configuration.xml


      <queues> <queue name="staticQ1"><address> adressA1</address></queue></queues>


      When i query for the queue created (staticQ1) I get uris for creating messages,pull & consumer urls etc.

      Using the create uri i was able to post the messages (publish/create) without any error.

      To consume the posted messaged when i issue http POST from consumer URI i get 503 service error.


      1. Does horentq-rest support only jms but not core api rest functionality ?

      2. If it support core api via rest,how do you create destinations (queues/topic) using core api in REST ? The documentation only specifies a way to create jms queue by setting Content-Type: application/hornetq.jms.queue+xml.  Whats the equivalant for core API ?

      3. If the above 2 are possible can we mix Core API with REST ( core API) similar  mixing JMS with REST ?