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    To use LdapExtLoginModule with JaasSecurityDomain mbean - encode64 operation

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      I am trying to port security code which was running on jboss4 to jboss7. As a part of it I need to encode the bindCredentials.

      Previously I defined a bean in jboss-service.xml and was using it in code to encode the bindCredentials before writing it to a file - login-config.xml.


      I have done other changes and using standalone-full.xml. However not able to achieve this encoding part because of which it gives the error - Incorrect password on login.



      ObjectName jaasSecurityDomain = new ObjectName("jboss.security:domain=jmx-console,service=JaasSecurityDomain");

      Object[] params = {Base64.decode(getBindCredential())};

      String[] signature = {byte[].class.getName()};

      setBindCredential((String)server.invoke(jaasSecurityDomain, "encode64", params, signature));


      Is there equivalent service & operation in JBoss7. Tried to google but could not find the required information. Does picketBox jar provides any such facility?

      Please let me know how to achieve it.