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    jBPM integration with Seam 2.3 on JBoss 7.1

    Jan Święcki Newbie



      We are creating a project on Seam 2.3 on JBoss 7.1 server.


      Seam 2.3 has native support for jBPM3 but as stated here it is difficult to get it running on JBoss 7.1. Should we switch to Hibernate 3? JBoss 5 is not an option because of long loading times and it lacks hot deploy and productivity is like five times slower.


      Ideally we would like to use jBPM5, but we couldn't find any integrations (or any hints on how to do it) with Seam 2.3. So in jBPM5 case should we write our own Seam API? Or go for jBPM3?


      Or maybe another framework and/or bpm (activiti etc.)?


      What are the options? Thanks!