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    Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

      Hi, we have recently experienced an issue with a couple of our servers.  Upon startup we see the following error:


      21:29:18,296 WARNING [org.hornetq.core.deployers.impl.FileConfigurationParser] (MSC service thread 1-4) AIO wasn't located on this platform, it will fall back to using pure Java NIO. If your platform is Linux, install LibAIO to enable the AIO journal

      21:29:18,331 INFO  [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl] (MSC service thread 1-4) live server is starting with configuration HornetQ Configuration (clustered=false,backup=false,sharedStore=true,journalDirectory=/jboss/standalone/data/messaging/journal,bindingsDirectory=data/bindings,largeMessagesDirectory=data/largemessages,pagingDirectory=data/paging)

      21:29:18,334 INFO  [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl] (MSC service thread 1-4) Waiting to obtain live lock

      21:29:18,358 INFO  [org.hornetq.core.persistence.impl.journal.JournalStorageManager] (MSC service thread 1-4) Using NIO Journal

      21:29:18,369 WARNING [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl] (MSC service thread 1-4) Security risk! It has been detected that the cluster admin user and password have not been changed from the installation default. Please see the HornetQ user guide, cluster chapter, for instructions on how to do this.

      21:29:18,510 SEVERE [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl] (MSC service thread 1-4) Failure in initialisation: java.nio.channels.OverlappingFileLockException

              at sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl$SharedFileLockTable.checkList(Unknown Source) [rt.jar:1.6.0_30]


      which seems to result in a security issue being reported when a client attempts to connect to the server:


      2013-01-07 21:45:21,335 [Thread-6 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-7806699)] INFO  [JmsCluster$5.onMessage() 748] - Received HornetQ notification for


        JMSXDeliveryCount: 1

        _HQ_Address: jms.queue.interServerQueue

        _HQ_NotifTimestamp: 1357595121293

        _HQ_User: null

        _HQ_CheckType: SEND


      After that our servers cannot communicate.  Does anyone have any idea why we might see the error? 


      It is interesting to note that both servers in the cluster reported the error on startup at approximately the same time, but we have never seen the error before.


      We are using HornetQ 2.2.14, JBoss 7.1.2, Jre 1.6.0_30, CentOS 7.3 running in Amazon.


      thanks, Mitchell