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    Arquillian in EAP 6.0.1?  Kitchensink tests are hanging

    Steven Boscarine Apprentice

      How do I get the Arquillian examples in the kitchensink project working against EAP 6.0.1?


      Hello All,

      I had some Arquillian tests for my project that worked in EAP 6.0, but started failing once I upgraded to 6.0.1...so I went to the JDF website, followed the git links, checked out the latest, and expeirenced the same issue in the Kitchensink application.


      The tests seem to hang on deployment.  The CPU is idle and there's no activity in Maven or JBoss for hours. 


      If it helps, the jboss-as plugin had a similar issue.  I was able to get jboss-as:deploy working after upgrading to 6.0.1 by upgrading the JBoss Maven Plugin.  Unfortunately, I cannot revert to 6.0 because we needed 6.0.1 for bug fixes related an issue we were seeing with jboss-deployment-structure.xml.