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    XML Namespaces not imported for child elements while creating XML Document Model

    tanmoypalit Newbie


      I am using Teiid Designer 7.7.

      Attached are a set of XSD which are used to create XML document model using Teiid Designer. The Model was created fine but the namespaces were imported only for the root element.

      1-10-2013 1-39-56 PM.png

      Because of the above reason, REST web service response generated using the above XML document is not using the namespace prefixes with the child elements. Only the root element has the namespace prefix.

      1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      2. <gct:CHEMISTRY_TRANSACTION xmlns:gcsv="http://www.xxx.com/pt/CHEM_STATS_VALUES/v1" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:grall="http://www.xxx.com/pt/CHEM_ALL_STATS_MESSAGE/v1" xmlns:gr="http://www.xxx.com/pt/CHEM_STATS/v1" xmlns:gct="http://www.xxx.com/pt/CHEMISTRY_TRANSACTION/v1" >
      3.   <CHEM_ALL_STATS Unique_Identifier="1200000000">
      4.     <CHEM_STATS Top_MD="00">
      5.       <S1_Statistics>
      6.         <Mean_Value/>
      7.         <Minimum_Value/>
      8.         <Maximum_Value/>
      9.       </S1_Statistics>
      10.        </CHEM_STATS>
      11.     </CHEM_ALL_STATS>
      12.   </gct:CHEMISTRY_TRANSACTION>



      I tried to fix this problem by adding Namespaces using the Properties for each child element and also manully adding the namespaces to child element in the XML Document but still it does not show up in the XML response.


      Thanks for the help.



      Tanmoy Palit