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    Faultstring - No such operation: null + Guide

    Tomy Heczko Newbie

      The Story + Guide by xcoulon :

      Hello all i have done a new ?wsdl project and published it you can reach it here https://l2-tomy.rhcloud.com/ws/Interface?wsdl

      i followed a guide from xcoulon here is his tutorial https://github.com/xcoulon/sample-soap-service



      The problem :

      but the problem is it allways give a error in faultstring as follow in my case No such operation: null (HTTP GET PATH_INFO: /ws/Interfacenull)


      the soap address where the problem occurs = http://l2-tomy.rhcloud.com:80/ws/Interface

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          Viral Gohel Newbie

          How are you invoking the Service ?


          Typically, SOAP services are exposed over HTTP using the POST operation. You seem to be trying to access the service using the GET operation.

          Also, what the JBoss WS Stack you are using and  in which JBoss AS ?


          You better append the request parameter , something like, ?method=Yr_Service_Method.


          Also, if you are using plain Http, then you can include an Http header before invoking the service.


          .setHeader(Exchange.HTTP_METHOD, constant("POST"))