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    Error: One to Many Relationship

    Alex Bereshny Newbie


      MSSQL 7.0

      I'm trying to get a new entity bean working that has a one to many relationship...

      bidItem table
      primary keys are company_no, bid_id_no, bid_item_no

      bidHeader tables
      primary keys are company_no, bid_id_no

      The error I'm getting is saying that I have company_no twice in the column list here is the error:
      Column name 'company_no' appears more than once in the result column list.

      Can anyone help with this I will attach my jboss-cmp relationship for the two tables thanks in advance....

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          Santhana Tamil Selvan Newbie

          That's because
          You must be using the same field as CMP as well as CMR field. That's the problem.. we had the same problem a week back..
          There is a solution for this as well.
          In JBoss the foreign key u have mapped in <key-field> and <column-name> will create a CMP field automatically(default behaviour of JBoss)..

          You will have two entities having the same Key right!
          So remove the CMP-field u have specified in one of the entities, where u don't have the same key as Primary key..

          Hope this helps

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            Alex Bereshny Newbie

            Thank you for your response can you post an example of your tables and the relationship in the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml because when I try your suggestion to remove the cmp-field I get an
            error saying that Invalid column name 'bidIdNo' but bid_id_no is the column name not bidIdNo thats the field name....

            thanks for your help

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              Alex Bereshny Newbie

              Well I'm still having a problem with two column names being the same name....

              Well I have attached my jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, and ejb-jar.xml.

              I have a compoud primary so I have a primary key class everything deploys fine but when I run the client which is supposed to enter a item for the header it fails and says I have two companyNo columns listed. The relationship I have an entity bean called bidHeader and a bidItem entity bean it's a one to many relationship....

              I also don't like I have a cmr field mapped to a cmp-field you can look at the attached files I just posted the code that I'm working with in this example thanks for any help.

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                Alex Bereshny Newbie

                Sorry this are the files....