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    Default Settings for jbosscmp-jdbc

    Oliver Newbie


      I run linux+jboss3+tomcat with sapdb. In standardconfiguration I get after some time (when I have about 50 rows in database) an "To complex SQL Query" Exception in the findAll-method, because the CMP-Engine creates a Select-Query with many OR's in the where-Clause.

      In the JBoss-Persistence-Documentation (Purchase-Version) I read that the default behaviour of jboss is to load the hole unoptimized, which means many SQL-Statements with only one OR per query.

      I tried to set Defaults in the standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in the conf-directory. But even after restart these settings were ignored.

      What's wrong?

      Sure setting the hole at the bean directly works fine, but I'd like to set some defaults and not again and again the same stuff at each ejb.

      Anybody out there who have an idea?
      Many Thanks.