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    memory leak

    John Whitworth Newbie

      using jboss 3.0.4, Java 1.3.1 Hotspot

      I have a BMP EJB. If I set the container cache max capacity in jboss.xml to 10 and then sequentially create a large number of beans (eg 300,000), accessing their data, memory use increases very quickly.

      My test case (a simple loop) is deliberately not creating any other objects so it looks as if JBoss is the culprit.

      This is obviously a very serious bug.

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          John Whitworth Newbie

          I used java -Xrunhprof to profile JBoss and HPjmeter to list residual (potentially leaked) objects. Seems I should have been closing database connections obtained with getConnection() as there were a large number remaining. I assumed that pooled connections shouldn't be closed.