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    BLOB fields problem with JBoss 3.0.4/Oracle 9i

    Xavier Cho Newbie

      It seems 4k limit in Oracle 9i BLOB/CLOB fields still persists with JBoss 3.0.4.

      Up to 3.0.3, default type mapping for Oracle 9i has been broken so, I had to change it to use LONG RAW type to read and write big data from/into BLOB fields using the thin driver.

      Since 3.0.4 this problem has been fixed, so now it handles BLOB fields correctly. But I can't read/write binary data bigger than 4k bytes using thin driver still. It seems to be working with OCI driver on Win2k.

      I suppose the current test case for Oracle 9i only tests data under 4k bytes.

      Is there anyone who could confirm this problem, so I can post a bug report please?


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          Stephen Coy Novice

          You would suppose wrong :-)

          One of the sample files is a 14k png file.

          This is not a JBoss bug. It's just an artifact of the way Oracle has chosen to implement it's JDBC driver.

          If you want to store LOBs larger than 4k or so, you must use the OCI driver. It's unavoidable. So, you need to have Oracle client software installed on your JBoss server machine.

          Please read the "Map Java byte[] to database BLOB ?" thread too.

          If you're going to post a bug, then post it to Oracle please.