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    Client side JBossWS Records Management

    Steve Schols Newbie

      Hi there,


      We are using server-side JBossWS Records Management (using RecordingServerHandler, LogRecorder and a custom DBRecorder) to be able to log inbound and outbound SOAP messages.

      This way, we log all SOAP messages to our endpoints that our partners send to us and the responses we send back.


      We would like to have the same behaviour on the client-side ... so we want to be able to log the SOAP messages we are sending to our external partners, and the responses we receive from them.

      Just using the existing RecordingServerHandler doesn't appear to be sufficient, because when we are the client, the EndpointAssociation.getEndpoint() method returns NULL. The endpoint is only set in the EndpointAssociation class on the server side, this processRecord() cannot be called on an NULL endpoint instance.


      I cannot find any example of Client side Records Management, and the JBoss documentation states the following:

      Client side

      JMX management of processors is of course available on server side only. However users might also be interested in collecting and processing records on client side. Since handlers can be set on client side too, customer handlers could be configured to capture messages almost like the RecordingServerHandler does. This is left to the users since it is directly linked to their custom needs. For instance a common use could be to pass client side collected records to the LogRecorder.


      If someone can post a fully working example of a Client side Handler that creates and fills up Record instances which can be forwarded to our Record Processors, I would be very gratefull.


      Kind regards