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    No Such Column when using MS SQL Server

    Shaun Appleton Newbie

      When using my code(BMP), JBoss + MySQL on my development machine it all works well. Transferring the same code to another machine JBoss + MS SQL Server 2000 throws an exception.

      my BMP code uses the following SQL statement

      select Tblcriteria.DOCcriteria, TblCapability.CoreCapability,
      TblClass.Classification, TblEntry.* from Tblcriteria, TblCapability,
      TblEntry, TblClass WHERE TblEntry.Classification = TblClass.ID AND
      TblEntry.DOCCriteria = Tblcriteria.DOCcriteriaID AND
      TblEntry.Capability = TblCapability.CoreCapabilityID
      ORDER BY TblEntry.LISerial ASC

      With both the Microsoft JDBC driver and the free jTDS drivers the exceptions I get are

      java.sql.Exception No such column TblClass.Classification
      (for the jtds driver)


      java.sql.Exception No such column TblClass.Classification
      (for the microsoft driver)

      The Table and column do exist and when I test the same SQL statement in
      MS Access (using an ODBC connection) it returns the desired results.

      Any pointers would be gratefully received.