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    Removed use methods

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      While working on AS7-6124 to review Howard patch, I noticed that some API methods used by AS7 have been removed from hornetq master branch:



         void setInterceptorClassNames(List<String> interceptors);


      => this method was flagged as Deprecated for 2.3.0.Final. I don't think it should be removed before the next 2.x release



        void addInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor);

        boolean removeInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor);


      => same as above



         void allowInvmSecurityOverride(HornetQPrincipal principal);


      => this method must be put back. AS7 requires it to bypass security authentication for in-vm connections (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-3150)