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    Send id of Tab-Panel with GET-Request

    Lukas Forster Newbie

      I am using a commercial tool to convert Websites into pdf (expertPdf). The input to this tool is an URL, the output is a PDF.


      I am using this tool on a web-application that uses jsf 1.2 & richfaces 3.3.3 . To "overtake" an exisiting session and conversation I add those parameters to the URL:



      This works just fine. I can "photograph" the current page of an exisiting conversation and create a pdf.


      Now I want even more. The page uses a <rich:tabPanel> with switchType="client" -> Therefor the server doesn't know on which page the client is.

      I want to create the pdf for a specific tab. I thought I might be able to add that piece of information to the request (something like http://localhost:8080/[...]/product.seam;jsessionid=xxx?conversationId=1;myTabPanel=myTab)

      Is there any way to add that information to the GET-request? I tried logging the tab-Change requests, but I couldn't find a solution. Does anybody know if what I want is possible?


      cheers, Lukas