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    Modeshape configuration with JBoss AS7


      I'm struggling to find any detailed documentation for configuring ModeShape 3.0 in AS7 (without the use of CLI). Specifically, I'd like to know if there is any way to point to a seperate json/xml configuration file for ModeShape within AS7's standalone.xml?


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!




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          Our documentation for AS7 integration is here; be sure to check subpages.


          You don't need to use the CLI to configure ModeShape (or even AS7). We ship a sample "standalone-modeshape.xml" file in our kit (that is installed into AS7); this file is simply a modified version of the "standalone.xml" file that comes with AS7, and configures an Infinispan cache container for use by ModeShape, some security/JAAS integration, and several ModeShape repositories. You can modify this file even when AS7 is running, though IMO it is much better and safer to do this with the CLI. You can run batch operations in the CLI, too.


          We're hoping that the AS7 console will soon have a UI-based way to configure ModeShape. That work is being done by the AS7 team under the AS7-6050 issue in JIRA.


          If you install the ModeShape kit for AS7 into an AS7 installation, then you must configure the ModeShape repositories via the AS7 configuration. The whole point of this integration is so that you can configure ModeShape using the same tools and mechanisms that come with AS7 -- that ModeShape becomes a controlled and monitored subystem within AS7. Note that Infinispan is also a controlled and monitored subsystem within AS7.


          However, you can also simply take a standard AS7 installation, and embed ModeShape within your web application(s). In this regard, the process is similar to using ModeShape within any Java SE application or within any non-AS7 container: simply embed ModeShape's JARs within your web apps, use a conventional JSON configuration for each ModeShape repository, and look up the repositories using the RepositoryFactory and a URL that points to your configuration file. See our documentation for more detailed information. If you want to use Infinispan cache managed by AS7, you'll want to look up the cache configuration in JNDI; otherwise you're on your own and won't get any of the benefits of being able to centrally monitor or configure ModeShape or Infinispan.


          I hope this is what you were looking for.

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            Thank you for the quick response! That makes sense that you wouldn’t want to mix multiple configuration types. I was just curious if it could be done.


            I did review the documentation you referenced above, but it doesn’t appear to include all the available configuration options. Also, the table of repository attributes is a bit confusing since it seems to be a mix of both attributes and allowable child elements. Without the “standalone-modeshape.xml” sample, I would have been completely lost.


            Is there any additional documentation that clearly defines all the possible configuration elements and their corresponding attributes?


            Thanks again,


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              No, unfortunately that's all the documentation we have at the moment. There is also the XSD schema, which is installed with the kit.

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                Thank you, the schema will be very helpful!