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    Jboss 5.1.0 unable to start in windows 7

    Suresh Chakala Newbie

      i prompted to bin folder of jboos and : enterd  run.bat





      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem @echo off



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem --------------------------------------------------------




      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem JBoss Bootstrap Script for Windows



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem --------------------------------------------------------




      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem $Id: run.bat 88978 2009-05-16 18:18:45Z alex.loubyansky@

      jboss.com $



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>if "Windows_NT" == "Windows_NT" (set "DIRNAME=C:\Jboss\jboss

      5\bin\" )  else (set DIRNAME=.\ )



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>rem Read an optional configuration file.



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>if "xC:\Program Files (x86)\Jboss\jboss5\bin\run.conf.bat" =

      = "x" (set "RUN_CONF=C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin\run.conf.bat" )

      \Jboss\jboss5\bin\run.conf.bat was unexpected at this time.



      C:\Jboss\jboss5\bin>   echo Calling C:\Program Files (x86)\Jboss\jboss5\bin\run.





      iam unable to sort this problem..........help me.

      Thanks in Advance