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    RJ Brown Newbie

      I've started working through the first few chapters of JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me if the following scenarios are possible and if one of the quickstarts is related to it.


      1. Two services on the same box connected to the bus can communicate with each other
      2. Two services on different boxes connected to the bus can communicate with each other, and the only change from scenario #1 is message bus configuration
      3. A set of service instances can be load balanced as one service address
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          Tom Cunningham Master

          When you are looking for two services to communicate to each other - what are you looking for exactly?     I'd start with p 140 of the ESB Beginner's Guide and read about routers/notifiers and also p.108-112 to read about the ServiceInvoker.       There's plenty of quickstarts in this area, depending on how you want the services to communicate.


          I'm not sure load balancing is covered in the quickstarts, but it's covered on p.213 of the Beginner's Guide, and you would also want to read the ESB Registry guide (part of the ESB documentation).

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            RJ Brown Newbie

            Thank you for the quick reply Tom. I managed to get through the helloworld quickstart not using the JBDS, which I think fullfills the first scenario. I'll take a look those pages. I'm starting from the beginning of the book because the ESB wasn't recognized in the admin-console or the JBDS.