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    Auto-generation of unique DB table ids

    Andy Newbie

      My understanding is that JBoss does not currently (ver 3.0.4) support auto-generation of unique id's for DB tables within CMP (even though the majority of RDBMS's allow it ... e.g MySQL with the AUTO_INCREMENT keyword). Is this unstanding correct ? Admittedly the J2EE spec does not require it, but I understand that the majority of J2EE servers are providing it, and it would be a *good thing*.

      If so, anyone know if this limitation will be removed in the near future ?


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          Andy Newbie

          In part to answer my own question. I saw in someone else's post that the primary key can be auto-incremented for jdk1.3/1.4 using only MySQL. I think this may just apply to the 3.2 branch of JBoss. Can anyone confirm this ?

          In my app, I do not want to rely on use solely of MySQL, so it is not of great benefit as is, if this understanding is correct.