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    infinispan - newbie

    m m Newbie

      I am planning to use infinispan cache to load all reference/master data needed for my application.
      I presume I can use the warm cache strategy to pre load the cache with relevant data from the database.
      Since  the master data gets updated through the application , I am planning to having a listener at the application layer which will invalidate the cache entries .


      My query is -
      1.What is the best way to preload cache  data from database ? Is it advisable to trigger the preload process when the application starts up ? Will it slow down the application start up process ?
      2.I am planning to define different caches for different groups of reference data .Each cache will have a business key which can be used to fetch the cache data ? Is this is a good approach ?
      3.Assume there is a service fetchEmployeeDetails("TOM"). I tried referring the Spring @cacheable annotation. But how it works is that the result of the operation is cached during first invocation and for subsequent invocations , value is
      fetched from cache.Since I am preoading the cache , I always want to check in cache by default and then in DB. Is there any out of the box solution for achieving such behavior ?