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    Weld proxy implements List for uknown reason

    Adrian Mitev Master

      Hi all! I have a the following issue - I have a @Named @ViewAccessScoped bean (MyFaces CODI scope) and it's proxied by weld. However for some reason the proxy implements List and when i try to call the bean from an EL expression el expressions like #{myBean.something} fails because it tries to convert 'something' to integer to get an element from the list by index. However myBean instanceof List returns false so there is no List in the hierarchy.

      This is my class type for which the problem occurs:

      public class CaseSearchAction extends SearchAction<CaseInstance, SearchArgumentsMap<CaseInstance, List<DocumentInstance>>> 
            implements Serializable {

      The weld proxy type is the following:




      I'm using the bundled weld inside JBoss 7.1.1


      Idea why the proxy implements List?