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    Building a Servlet to allow JBoss 5 to simply rout http in and then out?

    Keith Aviles Newbie

      Let me start by saying that JBoss is completely new to me, with only a few week's exposure under my belt. I'm the new guy at a new job, and an entry-level Java developer on top of that.


      Long story short is that I've been tasked with researching a way to simply use JBoss to rout http in and then out again, maybe with the only catch being that they'd want https out. But that is something for later on, as I have nothing to go with as of yet.


      I'm getting some help from more senior people at my workplace, but they are already wearing too many hats for other tasks. There are also limitations on the knowledge regarding JBoss that they can provide me with, as things are in a migration stage (out of necessity) away from Websphere and towards JBoss.


      I've looked into things enough to discover that I want to avoid any servlet that adds a prefix, puts the http into a wrapper, or does any sort of filtering for content. At least that is the path I think I need to take.


      It looked like HttpDispatchServlet or HttpGatewayServlet might serve as good starting points, but they both are deprecated.


      I'll try to give as much missing info as I can, as the bulk is obviously omitted. And apologies for being so utterly green about JBoss. I've spent the past two weeks or so simply helping with research regarding proper use of modules.