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    Crystal Reports Working?

    michae samaras Newbie

      Has anyone gotten Crystal Reports to work under JBoss 7? 


      It's silently failing providing me an empty report with just a header and footer.  The same code works fine in both jboss 2.3 and jboss 6.1


      The only clues I'm seeing are that all calls to get a configuration result in null.  For example:

         12:07:15,892 DEBUG [com.crystaldecisions.reports.common.engine.config] Configuration queried; key="SupportUniverseReport", result="null"


      I do see it establishing a connection to the database, however I do not see any attempts to the stored procedure.


      If you have it working, what does your modules file look like?  I think their could be a dependency missing that we can't track down.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Rich DiCroce Novice

          I got it to work by embedding all of the CR JARs into the EAR itself. Didn't try using modules.


          It sounds like you're just updating an app to run on AS7, but in case you're not and you actually have a choice, DON'T USE CRYSTAL REPORTS. Pick something else like BIRT or Jasper. CR is a nightmare to deal with in Java. Documentation is almost nonexistent, the Javadocs (if you can find them) contain no useful information, and the source code is obfuscated so you can't even try to figure out what's going wrong using the stack trace. I'm using BIRT on another project and it's a million times easier to work with.