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    cmr field - table column different name

    Boris Brinza Newbie

      hello there.
      i have problem with jboss 4.0.3 relationship.
      In my code i have 2 beans - Language and User and i want to make 1:N relation between them. So i've added into User 2 functions: setPrefferedLanguage( Language lang) and getPrefferedLanguage(). i've added also relationship into ejb-jar.xml and the problems started.
      Problem is i have column named PREFFERED_LANGUAGE but my cmr is (according to function names) prefferedLanguage, i have this name also in descriptor like <cmr-field>prefferedLanguage</cmr-field>. I cannot to tell to jboss to map prefferedLanguage to PREFFERED_LANGUGE. For cmp it's easy (in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml through ). But how to make it for cmr i dont know. Now of course exception is thrown, because something like INSERT INTO T_SYSTEM_USER (....,prefferedLanguage) is generated and it's wrong.
      can someone help me with this problem? i really don't know what can i do..