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    Deadlock, read-only and performance

    Erik Turesson Novice


      I am using Jboss 3.0.4.
      I have a number of CMP 2.0 entity beans and a number of stateless session beans accessing them. My system is at least 99.9% only reading. The system works fine and therefore I am trying to do some more than basic tests. If I stress my system, I sometimes gets deadlocks and if I do not get deadlocks I get locks one some entity beans.
      I am using the Standard 2.x Entity Bean configuratin with commit option A.

      How can I get ride of those locks and deadlocks?
      What I whant to achive is, surprise ;-), a stable system with the best performance possible. Can marking the get methods of my entity beans as read-only help? If so, can you specify read-only on methods using XDoclet?

      Read-only entity beans?
      If I have one entity bean that is totaly read only and one that is read/write. I use the first one for reading and the second one for updating. If I do an update using the r/w bean will the read only bean then find out that it has been updated?

      Any other suggestion how to get a stable and fast system is welcome! ;-)