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    Repeated Firing of Same Query

    srinivas Newbie

      I have 4 CMP EntityBeans in which 2 Entity Beans Have Primary Key as Field and 2 EntityBeans have PrimaryKey as Class(PrimaryKey Class).When i Invoke the EntityBeans from a StateLess SessionBean method for the first 2 entitybeans it fires a single select statement for any no of fields that i fetch ,but for later EntityBeans it fires the same select query everytime that i fetch the field value.Kindly suggest what has to be done

      Names of EntityBeans:
      BankMaster (Bank PK)
      BankParameters (Bank PK)
      BranchMaster (Bank,Branch are PKClass)
      BranchParameters (Bank,Branch are PKClass)

      now suppose when i fetch 3 values from BankMaster and 5 values from Bankparameters and 7 values from Branchmaster and 8 values from BranchParameters ,the following is found in log
      one select statement each for first two entitybeans whereas 7,8 select statements for later entity beans