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    Enabling "null" in arquillian.xml and arquillian.properties

    Karel Piwko Master



      sometimes, there is a need to store null in arquillian.xml or arquillian.properties.


      This need raises when you use Maven filtering but for some combinations you want to remove a property altogether.


      An example:



      <extension qualifier="webdriver">
         <property name="firefox_binary"></property> <!-- for some profiles, I want to remove this property -->


      What would be the best approach? Note that we should have a way that works for both arquillian.xml and arquillian.properties


      • convert "" to null
      • remove empty strings from parsed descriptor
      • allow <null /> in arquillian.xml
      • allow null everywhere
      • null for properties, null and <null /> for xml


      Currently, we workaround this using following, something like:


      <extension qualifier="webdriver">