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    Error on @GeneratedValue validation

    edersondonde Newbie

      Hello all,


      I'm using JBoss tools 4.0.0 on Eclipse Juno, and I'm having a validation problem. Making it fast, here is the simplified code:




      public class ClassA {



          @GenericGenerator(name="testGen", strategy="identity")


          private Integer id;

          private String name;




      Well, the @GeneratedValue line is giving a validation error, "No generator named "testGen" is defined in the persistence unit". I saw some old bug on JBoss Tools that looks related, JBIDE-3454, that should be fixed on 3.3, but it looks like it is back on 4.0.0. Am I missing something?


      The test project is attached


      EDIT: I'm just using this thread to confirm if this is a bug or if this is expected behavior, so I'm waiting for any opinions about this thread