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    Unable to Complete a Reserved Task

    joploya Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am stopped at the end of the first step of my flow by this error :


      org.jbpm.task.service.PermissionDeniedException: User '[User:'renauds']' was unable to execution operation 'Complete' on task id 1 due to a no 'current status' match


      Going on the TaskServiceSession (evalCommand function) I don't find where it starts to be wrong.


      Before to call the complete function

       getTaskService().completeWithResults(task.getId(), ((UserLDAP)identity.getUser()).getUser().getLogin(), results);

      I print these lines :

      System.out.println("task id "+task.getId()+" has status "+getTaskService().getTask(task.getId()).getTaskData().getStatus()+" and is assigned to "+getTaskService().getTask(task.getId()).getTaskData().getActualOwner());


      User renauds wants to complete task id 1
      task id 1 has status Reserved and is assigned to [User:'renauds']
      DEBUG [task.management.MyUserGroupCallbackImpl] (http-- Seaching for user existence with filter renauds


      If someone have an hint...


      Best regards,