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    Switchyard Rule Service. Retract facts

    Anton Nikulin Newbie



      I was working with Switchyard Rule Service and now face with problem of retracting in Working Memory.


      I have such configuration of my rules service:



                      xmlns:rules="urn:switchyard-component-rules:config:1.0" agent="true" eventProcessing="CLOUD">

                      <rules:action name="sendData" type="FIRE_ALL_RULES" />

                      <rules:resource location="META-INF/ChangeSet.xml"

                          type="CHANGE_SET" />


                          <rules:mapping expression="message.content.modifiedOrderList" variable="modifiedOrderList" />



                          <rules:mapping expression="message.content.data"/>




      I use Stateful session and every time when I invoke sendData method, service inserts message.content.data fact into WorkingMemory. If i invoke this method multiple times, i have a lot of facts in WorkingMemory, but i want to retract inserted facts after method execution or have in memory only the latest one. Can i do retracting using switchyard rule service configuration


      Thanks, Anton