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    Upgrading weld in AS 7.1.1

    John Ament Master



      Unfortunately my coworkers and I have hit a wall with https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WELD-1067

      while typically I can clear it by killing all the .failed files it really is a nuisance.  It looks like it's fixed as of Weld 1.1.6.  When I look in my AS 7.1.1 distribution, under modules I have org/jboss/weld and then api/main, core/main and spi/main.  core/main seems to have a special build for AS 7.1, if I upgrade to a newer version is there also a special one for AS 7.1 or can I take the regular core (only 1.1.5 seems to have the AS71 version)? Since only core has a 1.1.x release should I leave api and spi as is?  Is there a best target (e.g. Weld 1.1.10?)