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    How to deploy a BPMN process file by using the JBPM API ?

    pichunhan pi Newbie

      there's some questions for me .


      In my project , i use the spring to manage the KnowledgeBase and the StatefulKnowledgeSession , and the config XML is follow .


      <drools:kbase id="kbase">


                      <drools:resource type="BPMN2" source="classpath:Evaluation.bpmn" />

                      <drools:resource type="BPMN2" source="classpath:WorkTrip.bpmn" />

                      <drools:resource type="BPMN2" source="classpath:HR_WorkTrip.bpmn" />

                      <drools:resource type="BPMN2" source="classpath:Common_WorkTrip.bpmn" />

                      <drools:resource type="BPMN2" source="classpath:Performance.bpmn" />




                <drools:ksession id="sSession" type="stateful" kbase="kbase">



              <drools:transaction-manager ref="txManager" />


                ref="entityManagerFactory" />





      but when i need to add a new BPMN process resource , i need to add a drools:resource config and restart the web server to deploy it into the  KnowledgeBase which is used in my project .

      is there a JBPM API for me to deploy it into the KnowledgeBase without using the guvnor ? Like the way in JBPM4.x .


      in the JBPM demo , i know that the BPMN resource can be deployed by using this code :


      private static KnowledgeBase readKnowledgeBase() throws Exception {

                          KnowledgeBuilder kbuilder = KnowledgeBuilderFactory




                          return kbuilder.newKnowledgeBase();



      but when i used the spring , i can't do this to deploy now . because if i use this way , the KnowledgeBase and the StatefulKnowledgeSession are the new instance different with the one in spring IOC .


      how can i do ? is there any way to do without using the guvnor web ? just using the JBPM API .