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    [RichFaces 4.2.3.Final] Rich:tabPanel with immediate=true still fires validators

    Alain BAUDRY Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      TabPanel seem to be a vast subject and here is my problem (using RichFaces 4.2.3.Final):

      I have to use TabPabel with activeItem, itemChangeListener and switchType Ajax. I would like to avoid my tabPanel to fire validators when I switch Tabs so I have set immediate=true on the tabPanel, but it still fires my validation Phase.


      Here is my xhtml code:



      The a4j:ajax is used to target the render.

      The facet inside each tab is used to display an alert over each tab.

      The validators are fired when RichFaces displays the tab contained the fields using validators.


      Does anybody have an idea or even better a work around?


      Thanks for your help,