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    To manage Domain from simple web application

    hitesh yadav Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am new in Jboss as 7.


      I have Domain of 4 Node . N1 , N2 ,N3 , N4

      Here N1 as master node (Domain controller).

      I have simple web application in which i want to create  page which have functionality , something like to view all node in cluster

      and to make Node unregistor from the cluster using checkbox or radio button .

      I know about domain managment using "Commnad Line Interface" ,  "Web Managment Interface"  and "Configuration Files".

      But i have no idea how to manage Domain from simple web application .

      I have no idea how to communicate with "CLI" or "Configuation File" from web application  to domain controll.


      My requirement is very basic means,  i want to show only all node's name and node's Ip address

      and want capability to unregister particular node from Domain using simple web page.