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    HC loses connection to its server at long GC pauses

    Tair Sabirgaliev Newbie

      I noticed that HC loses connection to its server and subsequently unregisters it while server survives a long GC pause (20-30 seconds). What is expected behavior in such cases?


      Steps to reproduce:

      0. install stock AS7

      1. start domain.sh and wait until all servers are started

      2. identify PID of any running server process

      3. kill -SIGSTOP <PID>

      4. wait for 20-30 seconds

      5. observe "Unregistering server" in console log

      6. kill -SIGCONT <PID>

      7. verify the server is up and running but not available for management.


      I used SIGSTOP to simulate a GC pause, though not sure if it is appropriate, had no other means of having an artificial GC pause long enough to reproduce the issue.