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    How to run the JBOSS ESB QuickStarts HelloWorld client from Command Line(linux Terminal) without   using ant?


      I am able to deploy Quickstart_helloworld.esb and then test it using "ant runtest" successfully.


      Now i need to do the same test using commands like below in terminal along with required jars:



      javac SendJMSMessage.java



      java SendJMSMessage


      Note: i understand, the command "ant runtest" in this particular example is invoking  "org.jboss.soa.esb.samples.quickstart.helloworld.test.SendJMSMessage" java class.


      Can some body suggest me, the order/list of supporting jars i need to include in the command line



      when running below commands:


      javac SendJMSMessage.java


      java -cp <listofjars> SendJMSMessage


      Thanks in Advance.