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    Is EAP 6.01 (JBoss 7) production ready?

    Sergey Zhigunov Newbie

      My organization consider to migrate from JBoss 4 community edition to EAP 6. JBoss 7 is new so the worry is if it is stable enough for heavy production processing.

      JEE technologies used by our system are JPA, Session EJB (local and remote) and REST Web Services will come into the picture soon. No clustering at JBoss level.


      Does anybody have experience with EAP 6 / JBoss 7 in production, or people still mostly evaluating / planning migration?

      If we kick of migration the system will go into production this summer.

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          Tair Sabirgaliev Newbie

          We are using eap6 in production from the first day of 6.0.0 release so far. We use JPA, REST, but no EJB yet (Seam 2 webapp migrated from eap5). So far our experience is very good (except small glitches related to management [1], but there are workarounds, and they don't affect the availability of services). In turn we have much more convenient and lightweight platform compared to eap5, also saved a lot of $ on dev/test infrastructure (devs don't complain about their 2-3 years old "slow" laptops, admins are happy with small VMs, just imagine the time saved on app restarts! ) This may all sound like marketing bla-bla-bla, but it is real!


          Considering migration: our app 3 years ago was migrated from jboss4->jboss5 then it had jboss5->eap5 migration then it had eap5->as7 then as7->eap6 -- for our app it was easy. Everytime migrations took no more than 2-4 days of experienced developer.


          [1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-5887

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            Nicklas Karlsson Master

            I have been using JBoss 7 in production with a fork by Pete Muir from a snapshot around the times of 7.0.0.Beta1 (needed to get CDI to work)


            OK, it was no 100-requests-per second monster app but the procedure is about the same for a snapshot and a .Final release - you have to test it anyway.

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