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    JBoss ESB messy code

    liang zhao Newbie

      I translate csv to xml use smooks in Jboss ESB, when my csv file have chinese , then the xml result have messy code like this;


      the csv content:

      1,中国,101,test1,2012/2/25 0:00:00,10,123


      the message stdout:

      16:49:57,787 INFO  [STDOUT] [锘?,涓浗,101,test1,2012/2/25 0:00:00,10,123



      I export csv file use UTF8 ,then the messy code will appear , but when i use default (OS ansi code), the message will be OK.

      So, I must use char code that is same with OS ? how can I control the encoding of the char by myself?