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    To configure same node in two different cluster

    hitesh yadav Newbie

      Assume that...

      There are  two cluster.

      1st in USA with with 4 node U1 ,U2, U3 ,U4.

      Here U1 work as Master(domain controller) and U2,U3 and U4 work as slave.

      2nd Cluster in Europe with 4 node E1,E2,E3,E4.

      Here E1 work as master(domain controller)

      Both cluster work fine.

      I want to create 3rd cluster in which only two nodes are include, U1( Master node or Domain controller) from USA and E1 (Master node or Domain Controller) from Europe.

      My basic requirement is that when i deploy any '.war' file on U1(Domain controller or Master node in USA) it will deploy same '.war' file in all Node U2,U3,U4 and also in E1(Domain Controller or Master Node in Europe).

      Then duty of E1 is to deploy that '.war' file in E2,E3,E4.

      If HttpSession or Cache are not replicated or Distributed between U1 and E1 node  then it will be acceptable but same  '.war' file must be deploy on E1 and U1 as cluster.