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    Problems with memory and CPU in real time application

    M. Perez Newbie



      I'm having problems with a real time application deployed in Jboss 7.1.1. Final


      The objetive of the application is to receive UDP data via two ports (90 message of 1K each second in each port). Each message is received through MINA library and is dispatched to several queues (hornetq) that process the messages and send to other applications via UDP and through navite calls (C++ application via Bridj).


      The main problem is that when Jboss starts and the UDP data is received, the CPU and Heap have very high values (I attach a capture of VisualVM). But the most strange thing is that when I press the Heap Dump button of VisualVM, the CPU and Heap are stabilized. You can check the exact moment in the capture (around 10:18). Can somebody explain this behaviour?


      After some hours running the Heap tends to grow ...


      I analysed a thread and a heap dump but I haven't found any evidences of the error (maybe because I'm not read into very well).


      Have anyone any ideas on how to detect the problem?





      My application has the following features:


      - Compiled with Java 1.6

      - Apache Mina 2.0.7

      - Bridj 0.6.1 (for communicating with C native library


      The machine where I'm running the application is:


      - Red Hat 6

      - Java 1.6.0_35

      - Ulimit configuration:

           - open files : 4096

           - stack size: 64000