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    Problems about the journal

    Guangquan Hao Newbie

      I ust hornetq with the version of 2.2.14.Final.Today I do a test like this.I set up a queue,and the max-size-bytes of the queue is 100MB and the address-full-policy is page,and the memory of the jvm is 1GB.After I send about 800MB messages and no consuming,I kill the server.Then I restart the server,the server launch the exception of java.lang.outofmemory.I think while paging,the server would wirte journals.When the server restart ,the server will scan the journal and load all the messages which had not been delivered.But the total size of  the  messages are more than the memory of the jvm or the max-size-bytes of the queue,as we know much of the messages had been paged,then the server would launch the exception of java.lang.outofmemory.