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    hopeless question

    Volkan Yildiz Newbie

      I have a problem about finders. I need to add a string (which is parameter of my finder method) to finder query but the problem is that the string is also a query part. Like;
      "SELECT OBJECT (p) FROM Email AS p WHERE p.refferenceId = ?1 AND ?2"

      where, ?2 = "ID > 3", for example. Is it posible do you think. Because since it is not a expression it seems stupid.As a said,i am hopeless about it.

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          Volkan Yildiz Newbie

          and in XDoclet doc,

          "Assign custom query to finder named "findFoo". An @ejb:finder tag for the named finder must also be present. Example:
          @jboss:finder-query name="findFoo" query="foo = {1}" order="foo,bar""

          here, what does "An @ejb:finder tag for the named finder" look like. I tried the empty query but it was an disappointing.It is looking for "FROM" tag. I'm using version "2.0".