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    Cache question in the clustering (remote) module.

    Jeff Yu Master

      Hi all,


      I am now working on the clustering feature for the riftsaw 3, which is deployed on top of the SwitchYard. I have a question with regard to the cache name that is used the switchyard-remote:


      Whats the cache should be recommended for the switchyard remote, like creating a dedicated cache for switchyard? I knew the cache-name is configurable.


      The reason that I am asking this is because in the following code:


              void dropAllServices(Address address) {

                  for (String node : _serviceCache.keySet()) {

                      if (node.endsWith("/" + address.toString())) {






      Although we declared it as the Cache<String, String>, but it can be accessed by other moduels (for example, riftsaw), and we don't neccessarily store the K,V as String. Which it will cause problems in the above code.


      So before I raising the issue, thought best to ask it first?