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    jboss-as-maven-plugin can't deploy to remote Jboss?

    Jan Janek Newbie

      I've tried for days to use jboss-as-maven-plugin to deploy web projects to remote Jboss as 7,but it didn't work. The following is my pom.xml






























      I have error:


          [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


          [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

          [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.jboss.as.plugins:jboss-as-maven-plugin:7.3.

          CR1b:deploy (default) on project MessagePushX-RELEASE: Could not execute goal de

          ploy on test.war. Reason: java.net.ConnectException: JBAS012144: Could no

          t connect to remote:// The connection timed out -> [Help 1]




      What is wrong?