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    Processinstance not continue after restarting application.

    tom sebastian Newbie

      Hi all,

           We are using jBPM humantask implementation, for handling user tasks . We have multiple(say 3) human task nodes in our process diagram in a sequence. It's working fine. ie,after completing one task the process execution continue with next task and so on.

      Consider a situation, suppose a new process instance is executed and it generate 1st human task and wait for its completion. In this stage we restarted application. Then even if we complete the 1st task , the process not continue to next task for that process instance. But if new process instane triggered , it will work fine.(ie, after restart partially executed process instances not continued)

      We are using the JPA persistance for jbpm and humantaskservice...


      What may be the issue ...


      Please help..


      Thanks in advance