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    Transaction is not rolling back

    V.A.V.K. Kishore (Kishore Veleti) Newbie

      We are using JBOSS as app server and few of the beans are container managed session beans.

      In the system which I am developing, we create an user and during that we change the user, if itis credit card connect to payment processing Gateway.

      This is what we did, inserting user info in user tables and its child tables is done first. Then the last step in the EJB is connect to payment processor thru the API provided by the Gateway provider. If the credit card processing is not successful then we throw an ErrorException which is a sub class of RemoteException.

      Transaction is rolled back, I am able to see in the log files. But in some cases this rollback is not working though I see in the log files ROLL BACK EXCEPTION log. I could not understand why. Now I am in big problem because since this ROLL BACK is not working sometimes, when the user refreshes the page where he enters the credit card he is getting a message, your info is already created, now you can go ahead and use the system. But actually credit card processing is failed and he/she cannot use the system.

      What could be the possible reasons?

      I will be thankful if this is resolved ASAP.

      Manager always says to a Developer:
      "there is no way we can say we don't know why this is happening"

      Developer always says:
      "there is no way I could re-produce this problem"

      Thanks in advance