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    How to: LocalHTWorkItemHandler Spring Integration?

    Vijay U Newbie

      I am trying to register LocalHTWorkItemHandler for "Human Task" using spring integration (in jBPM5.4). My spring configuration looks like this:



      {code:xml} <jbpm:ksession id="ksession" type="stateful" kbase="kbase" >



                     <jbpm:work-item-handler name="Human Task" ref="humanTaskWorkItemHandler"/>




      <bean id="humanTaskWorkItemHandler" class="org.jbpm.process.workitem.wsht.LocalHTWorkItemHandler"><constructor-arg ref="ksession"></constructor-arg></bean>{code}


      Obviously, this won't work due to the cyclic dependency of ksession and humanTaskWorkItemHandler.


      How to register such WorkItem handler's (using Spring Integration) that need ksession as consturction arg?





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