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    native-core-4.0.2.GA in jboss-as 7

    Rahul Razdan Newbie



      i was migrating to native-core-4.0.2.GA jboss-as:7


      my problem is that CommonConfig is now a interface and EndPointProperty is deprecated.


      so when on CommonConfig object i call getProperties() earlier it use to return me List<EndPointProperty > but now its Map<String,String>


      so i can change the interceptor code which you can find here




      or see here


      Iterator<EndpointProperty> iter = commonConfig.getProperties().iterator();
      while (iter.hasNext()){
      EndpointProperty p = iter.next();
      if (p.name.equals(new URI(EndpointProperty.CHUNKED_ENCODING_SIZE))){
      .value = "0";
      = true;
      .info("Chunking set to 0 since service host does not support chunked requests");



      so is there any different way to achieve this , some new class in the package ????


      or there is some workaround ???????


      any suggestion will greatly appreciated