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    GuvnorNG with SwitchYard Distribution

    Keith Babo Master

      Continuing a discussion from the Guvnor forum here:



      The SwitchYard distribution includes the latest available community release of JBoss AS.  As of now, the most recent community version is AS 7.1.1, which means that the incompatibility with Guvnor still exists.  As background, you only hit this error if you attempt to deploy Guvnor inside the same AS install as SwitchYard.  If you have a separate AS server with Guvnor installed, everything is cool.


      Another thing to keep in mind is that the use of Guvnor for a design-time repository was an example of using one type of repository.  You should also check out the work that's being done in the Overlord project, which includes an S-RAMP repository which will be integrated with SY for design-time governance.  An early screencast of that work can be found here:




      The Overlord blog has some additional news and information as well:





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          Robert Budźko Newbie



          I was wondering about governance aspects in case of SY. Guvnor project tends not to fulfil my requirements, because it is quite "stiff". It would be very convince to base on tool which resources could be edited from within eclipse. Another problem is that when we start to use external artifacts or dependencies then visual editor, which is really great, starts to be partially useless. A good example is configuring the interface for references or services.


          Is SY going to integrate with Guvenor or maybe there are plans to make a love with Overlord? Any statements in this area? I really look forward to your answers, because I've easily run into problem of shared resources (like contracts) while evaluating SY.



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            Keith Babo Master

            Yes, we will integrate with Overlord for design-time governance.  You can already upload SY applications and resolved shared contract artifacts from the repository today, but we are working to substantially increase the level of integration in the near future.  The Overlord team just had a release which includes example projects (including a SY app) and a screencast.